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sub 250 pound PC from a couple of years ago, 3.2ghz

motu 828mkII, alesis M1 mkII monitors


Gentoo Linux 2007.0, with DWM window manager.

Jack, with Freebob driver for motu soundcard, old version prior to ffado renaming.

Ardour 2.4 digital audio workstation, with pd patch linked through jack transport to play video synched frame-by-frame
Sweep, for quick easy destructive sample editing.

Supercollider, with Emacs frontend, LooM controller with Harp2 sc class

all sware running straight to jack for re-routing/multitracking/effects etc, except sweep, which is running via the jack alsa plugin,
also Xine runs through this plugin, great for watching stuff or recording audio from dvd's/mpg etc.

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