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work in progress June 16th '08 - sometime, .... turned out complete shite that one.
Reflection in Force and Form (2007 - 2008)
Micropolis (2008)
surface forgotten dreams (2006-2007)
Life after the feast (2006)

they are mp3's because it's easy and to save space, if you would like a 44.1/16 wav version of anything then email me or something.

old, short-form, small scale pieces:
Influere (2006) - released on the CD Fancy a Quicky 2 ?
Feeders (2005)
Several (2005)
Slight (2005)
Bjork has a merry time being illegally remixed by a sound-design student (2004)

chill ambient track with musical herons
acoustic guitar sketch for a song.
Fargo (2002-2003) My first 4-track song. [feat, N. Armstrong -vocals]

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Sound Design

this 'n that

My SuperCollider Work [ HTML | .tgz ], updated now and again.
My Pd Work [ HTML | .zip ]

video Short edit of footage from a performance at Sonic Arts Network EXPO 2006.

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