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The Adventures Of Captain Sergio Montebanc

This is a radio play written by William McDermid. I recorded, edited
and mixed all of the voices, background sounds and sound effects/foley.
I then did the final mix with music kindly provided by Jimmy lee, and by
The Cathode Ray Syndrome.
This was a very fun project, particularly when it came to making the
voice and sound effects for the mechanical clown who appears at one
point in the play. Try to imagine me pedaling a bicycle wheel with
bits of metal attached to it, banging pots and pans together and making
whistling sounds through a ring-modulator, all in time with the dialogue
whilst trying not to knock a microphone over and you get the general idea!
Listen to the play Here

Empire Casino Advert

Sound Design, voice-over production and stereo/5.1 surround mixes for
this advert for the Casino at the Empire, which will be shown before
every feature at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London. View Clip

Quake3 Audio Mod

Port of Quake3's audio to the FMOD audio engine. I
made all of the sounds, and implemented them in FMOD Designer, with
a light C++ audio framework added to the Q3 source files. Music still
to come. View Clip

Music track and re-versioned sound effects for PC/PS3 game
CellZenith (Due for release on September 30th 2008). The sounds had
to fit with the arcade nature of the game, and so my original batch of
sounds were thought to be too realistic, the final sounds were mastered
to stand out from the music tracks whilst being played at lower overal
volumes. My music track was used as the 'game over' music because it
contrasted in style with the other music tracks used in the game.View Clip

Assaultcube Remix

I did the Sound Design, audio edit, foley, interactive music and
C++/SuperCollider audio programming on this remix of the open source
games title AssaultCube. All audio is original and was recorded
or synthesised for the project. The segments of music that I used were
written by Steven Gurevitz at 2002 Studios.View Clip

I was commisioned by Breakin Boundaries to make a short (15
min) film from recycled and manipulated film footage to be shown at
the Roundhouse in Camden, London. I worked to make the sound design
as organic and rich as possible, and to make it tell a story extra to
the images on-screen, filling in unseen details and suggesting
something outside of frame. I used entirely my own recordings and
home-programmed synthesis DSP to make the sounds, and arranged them in
Pro-Tools. The film was received very well at an event attended by
over 100 people. View Clip

Waiting to pop the question

'Sound Designer' usually covers a range of roles, on this project I
was responsible for taking the original audio (which was in a very poor
state, with high noise levels, miss-edited dialog etc). And carrying
it through to a festival-release state. Work included extensive audio
cleaning and dialog repair, foley and matching of shots, levels and
voice-tones between shots and differing cameras. I then did the full
dialog/foley/music mix in Pro-Tools. View Clip

Reakt 4 Respekt
Sound Design and editing for a forum theatre play about and starring
young people from South London. The sound was edited into sections to
allow for changes and improvisation during the performance. View Clip

Tang - Cars
Sound Design for a short film about Venice, shot on Super8. View Clip

Katy Knights
Live improvised sound design using data from sensors placed on the
dancer's body to generate sounds in SuperCollider. The sensors were
made from a hacked games-controller, and the sounds were entirely
DSP synthesised to keep CPU load to a minimum. View Clip

The Cellmate
Sound Design, editing and audio cleaning for a UK independent film.
The film was due for a trip to Cannes and needed a large amount of
cleaning, re-editing and more mature and subtle sound design than
it's original sound designer had provided. (music by Steven Gurevitz) View Clip

Soundingbody Ident
Audio Idents have been recognised as important marketing tools in
recent years, and with the familiarity of the Apple startup sound,
it is easy to see why. This ident was made for an arts website, with
a brief to create a sense of mystery and other-ness, with a hint of
sadness. View Clip

Behaviour Ensemble
Live performance sound-design using my LooM interface (pictured),
amongst an ensemble of 12 other muscicians with self-made instruments
and tools. This performance took place at the Sonic Arts Network EXPO 2006
in Manchester. View Clip

Tang - Squares
Sound Design for another short film about Venice, also shot on Super8. View Clip

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