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A BruteFIR Tutorial

BruteFIR is a realtime FFT-based (spectral) audio convolution engine that is free and open source, it runs on Linux and apparently also on a Mac. It is often used
by people for room correction for home HIFI listening, to broadly correct for deficiencies in their listening environment (or just to make the problem more complicated by introducing even more consumer-grade audio transducers and a few more calculations and data conversions into their listening path). It is arguably much more useful as a
musical tool for creating new timbres and spaces/reverbs by convolving an input signal(s) with FIR impulse responses (recordings of loud clicks, pops and sine-wave-sweeps).

There is not much information on the web about using BruteFIR,so I have made this little guide to getting started with it.

It is possible to do signal mixing and routing within BruteFIR, however its capabilities are limited for this, so I find it best to use it
as a simple set of (input->process->output) 'channels', and then do mixing and routing elsewhere (supercollider, ardour, JackRack, Pd etc).

Download and install Jack FFTW3 and BruteFIR as instructed.

Run bruteFIR once with no args to set it up.

Simple Convolution


Multiple Convolutions


Remote Control of BruteFIR

TelNet Perl Module (download and place in your pearl path, for me this was /etc/perl/Net/)

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